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About Us

Above everything else, we never lose sight of the premise that our prosperity is directly linked to yours.

RBS Chartered Accountants (RBSCA) has experience in all areas of business, accountancy and taxation. Established for more than 30 years, we have clients from a wide range of industries, some of whom have been with us since day one.

This website has been created due to suggestions from potential clients who have advised us that we should have a bespoke website for Contractors and Freelancers. WHY? – Because we are an established firm of Chartered Accountants with many years experience of working with businesses and specialise in the contractor market. NO…We do not handle 1000’s of contractors who are looked at as numbers and YES…we do offer a personalised one to one bespoke service.

To make our clients lives simple, we have partnered with KashFlow, a web based bookkeeping software. Apart from accessing your information from anywhere in the world 24/7, you can even create invoices, upload bank statements, issue dividend vouchers, upload expenses and carry out a myriad of other useful tasks.

Click here to find out more about KashFlow

What sets us apart?

We know each of our clients by name and treat each as a unique entity rather than trying to impose a one-model-fits-all approach. Our experienced team of accountants know their jobs inside out, and we spend time taking in new legislation on all things business, tax and accounting. That’s why our business advice is so invaluable.

Although you will pay for our services, our insights often end up saving our clients money. We put your individual or business needs first. We meet with you before we offer a service so that we can offer you a tailored package if our standard package is not suitable. As our relationship with you develops, we will proactively offer services and strategies that we think will benefit your business. RBSCA will effectively become your ‘virtual financial partner’ to ensure that your financial records are up to date and that tax deadlines are met.

How much does our service cost?

Based on our vast experience in dealing with many businesses, especially Contractors and Freelancers, we’ve looked at keeping matters simple. We are aware of the confusing ways others are charging between £50-£200 plus vat per month for varying services, some not even necessary. RBSCA’s model and approach is to offer a package that will be suitable for most and will cover all services necessary to keep you and your business compliant. Please don’t confuse our level of “personal service” with those who offer a “factory type service” to 1000’s where personality doesn’t even come into the equation, who may not even be qualified accountants.

Our service costs just £119 plus vat per month. We are also able to offer bespoke packages, if our normal package is not suitable. Just email us your requirements, whether you prefer a higher level of service or lower, and we’ll be happy to assist and provide a personal quote.

Please see our Services and Cost page for further details.

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